Daddy's OK

Due to a production glitch, one of the most important pages disappeared in the first print edition, here it is:

Acknowledgements page

The generous and trusting nature of each man interviewed is what made writing this book possible. They have each opened themselves and their experiences of intimate relationship in a way that is truly awe-inspiring, and for that I express my deepest gratitude.

A number of people have also provided invaluable input to the book’s development, its details and its themes:

Akiva Quinn, Coordinator at DadsLink, Course Facilitator at Relationships Australia.

Dr Chris Walsh, Psychiatrist and Systemic Constellations practitioner and trainer.

Dr Elizabeth Celi, Psychologist and author in men’s psychological health.

Hugh Bathurst, Founder of Separated Families Ltd, Can-Do Cultures specialist.

Laurence Anderson, Advocate for separated parents and Victorian Project Manager with Dads In Distress Support Services

Tony Gee, Psychologist

All the staff and volunteers at Dads in Distress Support Services, for their fellowship and inspirational dedication to leading others out of distress.

All my family, for their consistent encouragement and support throughout this project. Especially my beloved, Xiao, her brightness and strength sustain me.

It would not be possible to acknowledge anyone if it were not for the hard work of all the team at New Holla nd Publishers. Bronwyn Phillips, in particular, for her exemplary editorial guidance and support. Fiona Schultz, Managing Director, was responding to the same media events in May 2011, referred to in the Introduction, when she started looking for someone to author a book like Daddy’s Okay. For her foresight and willingness to take substantial risk on a project that has no market precedent, simply with the hope of making life a little easier for any man experiencing difficulties in their separation or divorce, I will be always grateful.