Business Leadership

Enakt Business Leadership designs and introduces leadership practices that are optimised for each client's specific individual and organisational growth.

Mentoring programs

Work-Life Balance is a specialist program in three sessions for getting a person's work-life balance on track, click here for more details.

Executive Perspectives is for high-income earners experiencing a personal crisis, click here for more detail.

Understanding China is for business people with an urgent need to engage with China markets but not sure how, click here for more details.


Leadership Wellbeing in Business Workshop is a one day workshop for owners and manager of businesses with annual turnover in excess of $1m. Combining a number of proven business and personal leadership development techniques, this program will help boost clarity, confidence and the connections needed for more success in busines leadership.

Strategic Directions Workshop is a one day systemic constellation workshop for anyone seeking greater clarity on their work, career or organisation's strategic direction.

Leadership Constellation Workshop, run in association with qualified professionals, is a one day public workshop conducted on a regular basis, usually on Sundays, in Melbourne.

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A timber mansion near Mount Sanqing in S.E China, built without one single nail.

“Dean draws on a wealth of knowledge in strategic planning, leadership and human behavior to guide teams in reaching superior outcomes. He is a natural leader with an incredible ability to bring structure and a strategic focus to any discussion. His great people skills make him a gifted facilitator that empowers you to explore what’s possible in a very non confronting manner."

Gehan, Senior Exec, global food

"I found Dean’s performance to be exceptional. He is confident, smart and willing to go the extra mile to deliver good solutions.”

Wanda, Senior Exec, TAFE sector

"Each time I come out of Dean’s meetings or workshops, I feel inspired, encouraged and more confident to find the strengths out of myself, thanks to his empathetic and wellbeing centric approach, his active listening skills, adaptive communication skills and his facilitative process of helping me find who I really am."

Max, Senior Consultant, IT industry