Leadership and Business Development Services

DM author col low res copy for web4.pngSince early 2015 we have been proudly growing our client base in collaboration with AltusQ. Refer to for a guide to the latest leadership development and mentoring programs we are delivering in collaboration with some of the best business and leadershp coaches throughout Australia and New Zealand.

We provide leadership tools and business development services for driving business growth.

Our origins are in the book industry where print on demand, books by the chapter, e-books, online learning, open source, XML-enabled workflows, and many other developments have dramatically changed the way books are made, distributed and sold. Enakt grew out of businesses using Dean Mason's research and development expertise to identify and shape their own place in changing market conditions.

At the core of any business development is the set of human relationships making the business possible, in service of something in society. Enakt is now a vehicle for collaboration with other practitioners offering complementary skills and expertise in helping people and their endeavours thrive.

If your business is looking for new ways to dramatically improve revenues and profits, especially in changing and emerging markets, Enakt is the consulting partner to help you succeed.

Enakt Pty Ltd is an Australian company established by Dean Mason in 2003. The 'k' stands for 'knowledge'. At the time of inception, putting 'k' into 'enact' seemed a neat way to express our desire to foster transformation of the knowledge held by all people within a business into collective action that generates strength, growth and lasting commercial and cultural success.